eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Separate Places

The curtain falls down,
To no audience 
Remember that feeling? 
Everyone and their heart's beating
Not nearly as fast as my own 
To have their undivided attention
To not be overheard...

These fields on the country roads
Have never changed
Since I was a child- dwelling into the vast unknown forest
These trees have never changed
And either has the saddest music...

If an angel was scent down
To protect you?
Would you understand why your life was a much brighter one
Seen as you put the shades aside at night
The wind can talk to you from beyond the rivers current
Whispers of all the love that may had been.
Would you understand why your angel is a much wiser one
Keeping your faith from crying...

The last of tears on these flowers, 
Decorated headstone grave.

Your past is not missing here,
And either is your future... 
So while we watch shooting stars burn out in a blaze
Something significant happens when you see the night sky in spring
Memories of how passion kept you and I together in separate places...
The future still furthermore... a blessing 
To wipe aside those saddest tears...

That May never rain just as mysterious
As when I leave this world.

The curtain falls down. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Take my hand through Eden
We are children again
Playing with kites and throwing stones in the lake
By the tracks... hear the trains? 

With the sun as a young as the lone star
Ready to ignite your eyes as our first kiss locks upon 
Your gaze and mine... 
And love fills through the fields like spring breeze 
Everything you've forgotten can be remembered just the same...

With our names on the back of the book 
It was buried long ago our spirits confined in one another 
I know the pages will be preserved by the soil
An everlasting love
Like my body before I died and shed my tears
On the leaves and roses like the rain caress the mountains 

You know how real you are now,
How alive your faith can make you
Still in amber's light the painting preserves us 
A sense of Autumn that never leaves

Take my hand through Eden 
We are children again

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tree of Life

The words are out, open heart
To the vine of the familiar tree...
Safe here she sleeps, safe here I listen like maybe it was all planned this way.... 
Don't want anyone I love to suffer, 
And would surely suffer my last breath to make all that is wrong absolve... 
And all that is love, from the heart.... 
From crippling no other part of me...

Like the way I see you 
And the way you see me
I cannot bare to lose you. 

To weakness, to cancer 
To anxiety, to depression; 
To the idea of emptiness
I need you to be complete.  

The words are out, open heart
To the shrine of the familiar tree...
Safe here she sleeps, 
Safe here I listen like maybe she will speak to me 

From afar.... 

To just rest on the back of the tree of life.... 
Reading signs from above that where innocent enough 
To portray the music in my veins... 
No candle would need to shine what is already glistening. 

I whispered the death wish, 
Walked across the black roses 
I could feel your hands... my beloved 
I could feel your soul connect with mine
Divine and noble. 
Picked the lock on the gate from the otherside
Just to set the absence free... 
And would wake up the same... 
Dreaming of you next to me.

Nowhere is somewhere.... but without you nothing is the same  
And all that keeps me here entwined... the tree of life.

Safe here I sleep, safe here in here arms 
My beloved. 

One last kiss before you leave. 

Leave it to Ghosts

Far from the right frame of mind
You can pick your own battles better away from the light
When you can see my compassionate eyes
Sadness bring the coldness to the air and releases 
A sharpness no human can feel... 
Another way, you can lose control without letting go... 
Just leave it to ghosts.... 
I will release my apathy for life in all those we love... 
Just leave it to ghosts... 
The only thing I can't see that I believe in... 
When you reach my silence what your really reaching is a part of me that wants to stay... 
Another way you can lose control without letting go...
 Just let it go...

Leave it two ghosts.

My heart is yours forevermore.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Perfect Peace

I know you were once dead walking through here, 
I saw your reflection against crosses in the amber light...
Depression still here to grip at the core
And watch the passion slip away...

Life has new meaning now
But the pills don't work the same.
Be it a prayer on wounded kneels
Or the suns shadow on Samuel  "Apple Tree"... 
The music that keeps the rhythm of our hearts in dire spirits...
The love that we find, once in a lifetime 
The body the blood, the force of nature 
Let the mind rest.... heal tomorrow's

Bring me to the everlasting Garden
And I will paint for you my version of the perfect peace 

You may show me your heaven 
And leave a door open to me. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Silent Carol

Don't stop the storm
You've been crying sense she's left
You're alive... someways it seem so hard to determine 
Your feelings have swept
Dead letters of this winter 
And the holiday which still remains 
A silent Carol 

Let me sing. 

Happy as you were, years ago
Putting away the past by open eyes
Into hers...
The memory of what it all was
Before life resurfaced 
On more solid ground
Shaky hands & idle feet
Held by our hands in place

Kept the voices from speaking out of turn
Once you came and took all that away from me...

Once father, it rained and every door open 
Meant another was closed; four seasons...

Don't stop the storm
Your feelings have swept 
Dead letters of this winter 
And the holiday which still remains 
A silent Carol 

Let us sing.