eternal love

eternal love

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Take my hand through Eden
We are children again
Playing with kites and throwing stones in the lake
By the tracks... hear the trains? 

With the sun as a young as the lone star
Ready to ignite your eyes as our first kiss locks upon 
Your gaze and mine... 
And love fills through the fields like spring breeze 
Everything you've forgotten can be remembered just the same...

With our names on the back of the book 
It was buried long ago our spirits confined in one another 
I know the pages will be preserved by the soil
An everlasting love
Like my body before I died and shed my tears
On the leaves and roses like the rain caress the mountains 

You know how real you are now,
How alive your faith can make you
Still in amber's light the painting preserves us 
A sense of Autumn that never leaves

Take my hand through Eden 
We are children again

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