eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Separate Places

The curtain falls down,
To no audience 
Remember that feeling? 
Everyone and their heart's beating
Not nearly as fast as my own 
To have their undivided attention
To not be overheard...

These fields on the country roads
Have never changed
Since I was a child- dwelling into the vast unknown forest
These trees have never changed
And either has the saddest music...

If an angel was scent down
To protect you?
Would you understand why your life was a much brighter one
Seen as you put the shades aside at night
The wind can talk to you from beyond the rivers current
Whispers of all the love that may had been.
Would you understand why your angel is a much wiser one
Keeping your faith from crying...

The last of tears on these flowers, 
Decorated headstone grave.

Your past is not missing here,
And either is your future... 
So while we watch shooting stars burn out in a blaze
Something significant happens when you see the night sky in spring
Memories of how passion kept you and I together in separate places...
The future still furthermore... a blessing 
To wipe aside those saddest tears...

That May never rain just as mysterious
As when I leave this world.

The curtain falls down. 

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