eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tree of Life

The words are out, open heart
To the vine of the familiar tree...
Safe here she sleeps, safe here I listen like maybe it was all planned this way.... 
Don't want anyone I love to suffer, 
And would surely suffer my last breath to make all that is wrong absolve... 
And all that is love, from the heart.... 
From crippling no other part of me...

Like the way I see you 
And the way you see me
I cannot bare to lose you. 

To weakness, to cancer 
To anxiety, to depression; 
To the idea of emptiness
I need you to be complete.  

The words are out, open heart
To the shrine of the familiar tree...
Safe here she sleeps, 
Safe here I listen like maybe she will speak to me 

From afar.... 

To just rest on the back of the tree of life.... 
Reading signs from above that where innocent enough 
To portray the music in my veins... 
No candle would need to shine what is already glistening. 

I whispered the death wish, 
Walked across the black roses 
I could feel your hands... my beloved 
I could feel your soul connect with mine
Divine and noble. 
Picked the lock on the gate from the otherside
Just to set the absence free... 
And would wake up the same... 
Dreaming of you next to me.

Nowhere is somewhere.... but without you nothing is the same  
And all that keeps me here entwined... the tree of life.

Safe here I sleep, safe here in here arms 
My beloved. 

One last kiss before you leave. 

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