eternal love

eternal love

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chamber of Dwelling

River sticks remember your foot price by the river bed... 
Some snow still falling,
 some beauty elapsed... 
It could have so wonderful, rendering the mistakes I've made 
And through this path another eager impulse is there? 

Will you be there on the otherside,
Just as you were
 Like pins and needles,
Love could not break the wall... 

Your scars viable
Even while clothed
The sun wound tight as the wind blows passing through life 
To a chamber of dwelling... 
Haven't felt that rise in nature for the many years suspended 
On one wing... 
Drowning in the ocean of sorrow 
Some pain must remain  quick, though everlasting

Your heart flowing the blood 
Throughout this body holding me.... 
The rise and fall in the expansion of lungs,
Life still breathing... holding on for dear life 
These words... 

These words solely...
 Mean something to someone... 

Can't ask for anything more.

 Will you be there on the otherside,
Just as you were
 Like pins and needles,
Love could not break the wall... 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Something to Believe In.

Visual eyes glow through the forest of snowflakes... 
None of them the same... 
Cold souls of the asylum look for innocence
 In the morning skyline... 
No significance... 

A prayer of grandmothers rosary, 
Left too lonesome throughout  the years of separation
Without her husband;
The memories never alter nor change... 

Light clouds on a vertical horizon, 
She claims the sun had left some red for the moonlight... 
Only on this Sunday of written tears 
Can the past be reassembled
Like the way the piano echoes up the stairs, 
In or ears and out the window... 

Remember my eyes...
 Relinquish my soul... 
Land and sea 
Of significance... 

With love, and with faith 
The spirit grows 

With something to believe in. 

In Memory

I think it's time to stop reliving 
Until you find the right words 
Honesty, I am shedding 
All of my past in papers 
Doe's it feel cold anymore? 
You cling on less hopeful
To share whats left of my life 

In memories 


Monday, March 10, 2014

Old Caption

Stop the clock 
We don't need this anymore
At what cost? 
Is value turned away?
Beauty altered deformed  
Wrong become right? 

I see you now, in the shadows
Beside the trees 
The land beneath the willows 
Will never be the same 
But you can separate me from the heroes, 
The unbelievers, 
The ones who's palms do not bleed  

This name with follow you to the grave
And someone you've always loved
Always a hand beside you 
Will recite one your favorite poems... 

To replace the old caption 
And to see the cats eyes glow 
Only as the moon becomes full
Will I let you stop the clock  
And reflected on what matters most. 

Even when we're all missing 
The sand can be gathered so gracefully
Than locked under the glass
Our bodies know our expiry date... 
When we reach this point 
Don't ask why...
Don't be stubborn nor selfish 
We all return to the light in which we came.

{Stop the clock 
We don't need this anymore}

Sunday, March 9, 2014


So many reasons 
Take a bow and walk out the door
Tomorrow is without you? 
So we listen for the birds... 

Every morning clouds will morn for us
Together;  last Sunday was that of healing 
But still so many scars, the fear depleting
Something mother Merry answered in a prayer 
Cold dawn must leave the senses  
Renewal of spring, rebirth of the passion felt
Before dying became the solution to hell...

A moon so bright the oceans recall the dust
Like the burning of a memory from the mind
Sharpness strikes the soul 
Whether we're sacred or unholy 
Worthy of a change in heart... 

Earth still refuses 
As I refuse the thought 

Whether your just born 
Or walking towards the light 

Saints be with you
Tomorrow and forever. 

So many reasons 
Take a bow and walk out the door

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Matchbook

The onward motion of the sea
The sand is falling through the glass,
In happening, the happenstance. 
You laugh...

A smile brought back to me when we we're just children
Youth of the rain, the rolling thunder 
I found the missing peace of the matchbook
With the letters of our names...

Spring gardens bloom
While snow is out of season
The coldness of our hands we can't touch 
Because the soul hides underneath us.

I forsaken the fragments of strength 
To have you praying over my shoulder
So much then, not long ago
I waned all this to end... 

Or be written a fresh start.  

I uncover for you the fragments of 
My last ouch of strength
That there's more than faith in what we say...
That you'll never miss me
As longs I live on in some small way 

I found the missing peace of the matchbook
With the letters of our names

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Snow blind, radiant light...
I must have departed from your private land 
By the sea.....
I am one to the meteor 
And harmony
Sung beyond the clouds.
Something eternal 
Always there.. 

Arrived in the pit of sands 
Dropping down between the glass
Dropping down to nothing; 
Until I witness that all my scars have healed... 
In thy name. 

The sand is gone and we're still breathing, 
A sacred light cloaked in red 
Offers me to choose a hand... 
I smile and with out say anything 
He knows that my choice has been made

Lord. God, the creator of everything 
(Faithless, spiritless
Defense mechanisms)
The beauty of just a passing train
On a late winter night, spring horizon
With the thought of how it always rains...

That you may always breakdown 
That there is always something more to fear more to hide.
But you always wake up and it's another day
And all the gift you have left, you share openly 
With all the gift you have left... 
You share openly...
With all the gift you have. 

Lord. God the creator of everything. 


pinnacle of ones creative suffering 
Can follow the outlines of this muti-coloured stain glass 
On the outside looking in, its just as powerful
 But as you walk in you realize the last thought in your mind 
Was how to love without showing weakness... 
Like a father to his son, 
He would do anything to protected him 
From the evils of this world...

From Man's hopeless Daemons. 

Snow blind, radiant light
I have departed from your private land
By the sea... 
I am one to the meteor
And harmony 
Sung beyond the clouds

Something eternal 
Always there.

With all the gift you have.