eternal love

eternal love

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Snow blind, radiant light...
I must have departed from your private land 
By the sea.....
I am one to the meteor 
And harmony
Sung beyond the clouds.
Something eternal 
Always there.. 

Arrived in the pit of sands 
Dropping down between the glass
Dropping down to nothing; 
Until I witness that all my scars have healed... 
In thy name. 

The sand is gone and we're still breathing, 
A sacred light cloaked in red 
Offers me to choose a hand... 
I smile and with out say anything 
He knows that my choice has been made

Lord. God, the creator of everything 
(Faithless, spiritless
Defense mechanisms)
The beauty of just a passing train
On a late winter night, spring horizon
With the thought of how it always rains...

That you may always breakdown 
That there is always something more to fear more to hide.
But you always wake up and it's another day
And all the gift you have left, you share openly 
With all the gift you have left... 
You share openly...
With all the gift you have. 

Lord. God the creator of everything. 


pinnacle of ones creative suffering 
Can follow the outlines of this muti-coloured stain glass 
On the outside looking in, its just as powerful
 But as you walk in you realize the last thought in your mind 
Was how to love without showing weakness... 
Like a father to his son, 
He would do anything to protected him 
From the evils of this world...

From Man's hopeless Daemons. 

Snow blind, radiant light
I have departed from your private land
By the sea... 
I am one to the meteor
And harmony 
Sung beyond the clouds

Something eternal 
Always there.

With all the gift you have. 

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