eternal love

eternal love

Monday, March 10, 2014

Old Caption

Stop the clock 
We don't need this anymore
At what cost? 
Is value turned away?
Beauty altered deformed  
Wrong become right? 

I see you now, in the shadows
Beside the trees 
The land beneath the willows 
Will never be the same 
But you can separate me from the heroes, 
The unbelievers, 
The ones who's palms do not bleed  

This name with follow you to the grave
And someone you've always loved
Always a hand beside you 
Will recite one your favorite poems... 

To replace the old caption 
And to see the cats eyes glow 
Only as the moon becomes full
Will I let you stop the clock  
And reflected on what matters most. 

Even when we're all missing 
The sand can be gathered so gracefully
Than locked under the glass
Our bodies know our expiry date... 
When we reach this point 
Don't ask why...
Don't be stubborn nor selfish 
We all return to the light in which we came.

{Stop the clock 
We don't need this anymore}

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