eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Arrival / Departure

50 cents a train ride and I'll be on my way 
From the crimson windows of the evening train
The sky is the perfect colour of the day he died 
And resurrected from this earth 
Nobody sees it now, nobody even questions 
The mysteries I have found
While I have written in my journal 
The most passionate thoughts
On this journey the heart got the best of me
And I'm sorry... I couldn't wait to make this decision a closer day. 

The side doors wind shut...
As my hat falls from the top bunk to the floor 
I see the dust rise and the table go up in smoke... 
Knowing I must be out of my mind or dreaming
There's more pain to kill before I can live normally 
This quality of life, is poor... and threatening 
The cure for negativity as failed but only while I think of myself
There could be all the faith, hope and love for you 
And I'd chain it to my soul, put a ring around your finger 
Pretend it's the 30's and Merry my ghost, sweetheart
In pale black mixture of unison
Sunday's blossoming garden.   

My suit case is light, and I can still barely carry it on my own
The train station is all in black and white...
As you can see me through the fogline, 
A different person walks with his eyes to the ground 
And a cold chill throughout the lungs melding the smoke 
Into the steam engine....  
A different person walks with his eyes to the ground 
Strengthen by the imagination 

As each step echoes off the 11 rails 
I find a place to rest awhile writing my abstract in more detail... 

The pen goes up in smoke; 

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