eternal love

eternal love

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Communion of the Eyes

Faith you grow up in
Faith you drown in 
Faith you rely on
Faith that's blind to all human eyes...

You don't have to speak,
However the silence is the glass we poured
As we drank 
The last of what we accounted for. 

Just this mid-evening
Saw the candles dance across the water 
Flickers in the cold hands of morning
The cold cancer;
Knew a friend whom died many years ago that day 
Share his shadow with the elder tree's
And the sun went fast beyond the true existence of the soul
Taking the complete black fragment 
Along his core
As a whole- to the sky as it formed one colour...
One colour, to be truly the Communion of the eyes, 
Before you say goodbye
Hold the glass and kiss the sun away 
Tonight is the rest of the darkness in the existence of your bane 

One colour to be truly the Communion of the eyes,


You don't have to speak. 

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