eternal love

eternal love

Thursday, April 3, 2014

From Above Sacred Pillars

On sacred pillars we see
The light of a thousands suns and stars
Never avert the eyes back to sea from sky 
To see the shades we all uncover

My levitation is in birth
To take flight and first
Build the strength and energy
Without my human form 

Just my naked body unclothed, 
(We are flesh and blood
And this earth we always seem to argue about
Is death the end of the road?) 
Are there people in the passing?
Is our death just a dead end, already seen from worlds of travel 
Is there no wanderlust, after the bridges broke?

I followed your footsteps once it rained.  

Do you still remember, the loved ones? 
The softest voice... come in from the cold.
It's warmer now... so much warmer now
That you're still here.  

Is the atmosphere enlightened by the core of our intellect...  
Sometimes we don't even understand our own paradox 
And by that we set are eyes to see some promise land 
I know you are with me, that heaven can be seen 
That is our home again...
S h e l t e r , R e c o v e r , H e a l 
All that's unknown will be freed....

N o w
That you're still here.  

From above sacred pillars

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