eternal love

eternal love

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Indention of the Time

Papers desecrated round the backroom floor...
Trying to read familiar makers, a indention of the time, the days, the reaction in fear...
Maybe a glimpse before I was alive... harmony of the future sung by the voice 
You've always known. 

(In a a universal world 
Stare back through me.) 

You can't ask to me stop dwelling, but I here again we allow ourselves all the time in the world
To heal, all the time in the world to scare and never be visible again...
In days shadow... in spring rain
Mark the calender,,, of another year since 
And livelihood still with the doll sound of distant train horns 
On the evening descent

(No arrival, No Arrival) 

I will let you carry my books through the ephemeral the rain, 
Open as to open this gate locked tomorrow through the church of saints 
God willing, just assuming 
That my great thoughts haven't been dead 
All this time...

It's that we can visualize more 
Suffer, grow apart
And separate different worlds 
But this one pattern you can't break...
Not with a place under the sun

God willing, just assuming 

We can visualize more 

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