eternal love

eternal love

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pale to Yellow

What is the difference now,  
As my skin reverts from pale to yellow
The eyes struggling in the light for life to seem more practical  
More real in the mind's eyes. 
We swing back in forth in conversation
Like this is a game of human behavior
Who can shatter into pieces before the other 
My legs shake on narrow ropes 
Are there no friends here left to lean on and ask for closure? 
These nightmares keep circling round inside my head
Like they've got no other place to be, no other mind to feed off of for relief.... 
I cried the storm... the springtime mild 
Heavy wind as the pain hurt deeper and deeper. 
The envy of another place in this war... when the light came 
Uncovering the blackness of the cross... 
Hollow is they name again...
All sins forgiven 
Don't try to make this just about my soul
And the world that's torn apart from it. 

What is the difference now?  

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