eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Vanished today 
Left the art in mid progress, 
No name, no title, no critique 
She can only be inspired 
When the loveloss has gained again 
There is no significant power
But some energy that bonds us (the ocean)

Vanished today...
Without a seagull brushed upon the shore...
Those lead footsteps back to the canvases  
As the black rain hits the ocean-floor  
From above blood red skies
You see the closest tree has flourish
As the horizon enters May

She can only be inspired
When the loveloss has gained again 
These were the flowers 
Painted all kinds of colours in thy name

Watch the ocean, I've never seen 
But the footsteps haven't left here since 
As the current washes over every step...
Still the sea of a friendship turns to strangers 
Every May... 

Left the art in mid progress 
And now we belong to different worlds 
As springtime sleeps.

(No name, no title, no critique) 

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