eternal love

eternal love

Friday, May 23, 2014


The sands washed upon the shore 
Synthesized with the seagull's morning call
It seems to last for ages, sometimes even momentary 
It seems to  feel like eternity... 
But who could ever think that far?
For every one knows...knows a smile could go such a long way
For every one knows... the poems we often speak 
Are easier to say... read silently... 
Or alone in a church or cemetery;    
And child's laughter could keep this peace 
Just a second from dying,,,

Open windows on the spring air
Blows through my hair, this doll ache 
Mistaken... a false sense of direction...
Identity crisis, who am I?.. what can I do!? 
I don't care... as long  as you see the road

And if it's clear to us than we go where our hearts are in need, 
Because this blindness is only temporary
Than you filled my eyes with your tears
Just before you took that plain 
The way you look at me now as we're falling asleep.

Incense and candles fluttered out
Synthesized with our anxious hearts
Sometimes it seems to last for ages, 
Sometimes even momentary,,,

But I see no face of depression now
When my eyes are filled with yours.
  My tears,  your eyes.
A hundreds of churches, cemeteries 

Love could go such a long way.

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