eternal love

eternal love

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Vintage photographs of the 1930's 
Fill the floors of this dusty room, apartment 
Spread across the table are old letters 
Where the author conducted them into poems  
There's one where the "I love you" is taken out
Time after time had past... 
But the feelings between two strangers 
Became love after several letters...
Then here voice that fit the face so beautifully
Speaking my deeps words with more feeling than I could

The music in the background of two rooms 
Divided by thousands of miles 
And the ocean in the darkness blue... 
The sun rises first on her side 
While I'm awake until the same sun rise again...

I use to question why love would struck me 
Several times come May 
Never permanent, never real, and just so often out of reach
A trick of the heart for something that ideal...
Does such peace and tranquility exist?
Or do we all find vises to escape the hollow pit?  
But there is comprise between sickness and in good health 
Just like Love and death 
We may never find it complete 
But we never stop believing that it could be; 

A trick of the heart for something that ideal...

The changing of the flowers shadows on the windowsill  
For something to outline the soul
Bounded in a million colours and words to fill up 
Book after book, shelf after shelf. 
To never cover over my heart for the fulfillment
Of everything that is planned for us...

How I handle the suffering is my grace 
How I overcome the fear is letting faith be the master 
One kingdom is our domain 
But as much wisdom there is, we share 
The light can flow throughout our human form 
For just a split second in time 
We are empowered by the love that is inside us.
Given back that old fragility 
To hide with the dust and get swept away 
Every time the door opens up....

And I'm closed inside. 

It's time to get out. 

This time I grow root after root 
To be entwined within the surface 
And branch off high nearing the skies 
Of the same horizon we see now... 
By virtue I'm not scared of dying
Or how much life there is left to life
Because I will always be here
In some brushstroke of paint... candle burning in the wind 
(Book on the grave) 
And a title to be yours forever.

If you'll have me...

I love you Cycy. 

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