eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Otherside of the Paradox

Look on the otherside of the paradox
Do the words "help" haunt you deep, "save me!"
Echo in my prayers 
Your safe another night... 
Curled up in the bed you made
Rest for ages 
With your soul mate hand in hand....

Listening to the left over music in my head
Like sound that resonates beyond its time
And in your mind syncopate with the living 
As the dying don't have much to say... 
At least until your mind's occupied

I'm not happy with the way I've been taking care of myself 

Empty visions of drinking down the poison 
The numbing bliss of all danger gone 
Bloodless but inspired 
The music leaves a heavy mark
I walk through each season
Like an art museum guide 
And it's only until now the heavy rain
Is light on my shoulders 
And the cry for help is just a silent thought 
Each and every one of us drowns out.

Send me down the river. 

More without words the signs of the ones who are gone 
Smile back at us in the reflections
The modest mans words his life endeavors... 
To lift you back in health and leave the demons cursed for evil 
No where near the soul... 

Send me down the river. 

I swear I will take care of myself 

(To the otherside of the paradox)

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