eternal love

eternal love

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Don't leave your seasonable knowledge behind now
The train ride is much smoother in the front carts 
Than it is towards the back 

And in my stomach I feel the illnesses
Have their own heartbeat and it's beating way to fast...
Can you slow things down? 
Can you replace my fears with confidence?
Because nothing is getting through anymore...

I'd walk if i could stand on my own two feet again 
For more than 10 minutes 
My child do you remember how it use to be
Catching frogs in the nearby stream?
You're going home now
So swim along the creak 
The water moving behind you 
Until there's no sign that you came. 


Rain falls on me
From an ocean of memories 
Some have yet to be made 
I turn to you 
To us and the universe 
As we're floating through space 
Your boats heavy on the sidewalk
As some clouds roll with thunder 
And a flash of light like a lighthouse 
You have saved me 
With everyday, the earth rotating 
A thought that's unprepared 
Don't leave your seasonable knowledge behind 

You'll see how one life can affect
The lives of so many...

In need for an answer. 

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