eternal love

eternal love

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Passionately Blue

I never thought it could happen to me
Both the negative and the positive
I become shocked, no words to explain
The paranoia; the thought of what it all means
The world's complexities in our hands
And suddenly drifts away
The newpapers at the park only symbolize the date
And that's what I live for... I can't see past the gray
Just ease the mind and body, the storm outside
We hear it coming...

Together we sleep

Don't hide your soul
When the springtime blooms
Don't question my heart
Because it's inseparably yours...

I hide my soul from the memories of the past
(That haunt me, don't haunt me... let it go.)
The nightmares,,,, the could be's
But never so passionately blue
That I can let my soul rise
Into the pouring rain
And back into the afterthought of us.

The pain that brought us closer...
Never so passionately blue...

We hear the songs play in the atmosphere
And the harmony becomes us as well.

I never thought it could happen to me
Now that I'm not alone I don't think of anyone else.

Together we sleep.

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