eternal love

eternal love

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Romanticize the Grave

Makeshift boat out to the river like driftwood 
Dreaming in black and white almost every night
This evening the trees have been painted 
The scent of lilac fills the air 
Purple shades in our eyes now it's going to rain.

Remember the pain you feel now 
Won't last forever...
There is strength in knowing the difference 
Time can make. 

The waters reflection
The sky overhead 
Of just a passing shower 
Sprinkling drops upon my face
As we look to the heavens....

On these nights you hold the candle 
For it symbolizes more than just a burning flame
faith, hope, love and so much more 
You can't ask for the riffles of time 
To be healed, the bad memories, invisible scars 
Now just dust we clear away... 

Just one more gap in the rivers formation 
You can read the title of the book now
It's Romanticize the Grave
For we feel more than we could ever see
In a dreamworld or in reality.  
Romanticize the Grave

Heading west towards the sun to see it rise 
Before the dawn 
And then spill through with every colour
That makes us uniquely one 

And above the trees, the ominous clouds 
There'll be no loss from here or after...
Wherever we end up, we end together 
Supporting the souls that are suffering. 

Collection of rain as clear as our eyes can see
Once we've let it all out... 
You can cry on my shoulder
You can wake me up any time and I will be there 
Once we've let it all out
Complete with colour
You can come home and we'll make this place our shelter 
With the river just a distant noise...

Back to sleep
  Romanticize the Grave

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