eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sliding Door

Over two hundred decades old 
Little specs to make a whole
View the abstract from afar 
A sliding door, open and closed
Like a pendulum; time as the human race 
Seems like nothing when you watch TV. 

Block out the sun only for this morning
Block out the sun
Sleep when the birds are still. 
Sleep when the meaning is heartfelt, 

Limb to limb the branches graze each other
While the wind took the heavier clouds through my window
Gray over black is all the light I can see
When the moon comes through in a tint of red 
The difference is whole rather parcel ways 

I see the glass sparkle. 
I paint the fragments with my eyes 
In a good sense of humor.

Forgive but never forget. 

(Block out the sun
Block out the sun)
I think I saw mother Merry dressed in blue again.. 
(Sleep when the birds are still
When the birds are still) 
She starts to lay little flower petals down 
Along the gravel road, in and out of the woods. 
I think I saw Mother Merry dressed in blue again...

But for all I know
 I could have left my prayers
By my bedside table...  
Hoping it would storm sometime soon 
So I could hear the thunder closer
Rather than in the distance 
Far behind. 

But for all I know
This could be the epitome of faith 
To just simply believe
Without seeing anything. 

Forgive but never forget.

Written in old English I book mark the page
With all the illustrations...
Knowing one of these is above a church ceilings 
Over two hundred decades old... 

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