eternal love

eternal love

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Turn to Amber Light

It's been so long, waiting for the rain to stop 
It's been so long, hearing you voice again 
Makes a sudden jilt in my heart,
The roses look hardly real 
As their standing by your side
The rain can not fail to brighten the garden
I see behind the vial
The sky clears up and turns to amber light 
And a shade of purple derived  
That opens up my heart to May.

We are the only once's allow to speak 
They don't have to speak 
I feel the emotion landscape 
Held in my hands like a canvas brother painted 
(The music of my joy
Spins on record players...
The scratching of a meltron 
Always seems to make her cry.) 

Forever we live trying to make it right;

Train sounds against the day 
Walking down the stairs across the evening rays 
And the piano resonates just so lonesome 
But add her voice, she says she can't sing. 
 Opens up my heart again...

Turns to amber light and shades to romanticize;

No one needs to compare this day with any other
(Brick by brick, stone by stone
The old preschool I attended
Still rests there on elm wood rd. 
Empty of the youngest "looks, up at the sky" 
And dreams of flying weightlessly, 
Drifting into the night...) 

Before the rain comes 
And makes us sleepy.
Before the Catholic priests 
Get good and greedy...
The children grow older 
And forget who they truly are.
If they ever discovered...

 It's been so long... waiting for the rain to stop. 

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