eternal love

eternal love

Monday, June 9, 2014

Garden of Fire

Place your palms out to me 
The is a new page 
Another chapter... 
I hand you my heart as it struggles to beat
Or pumping the blood to fast   
To go face to face, for the love of God!

Surely we need to outsmart the pain
Relax on my own without the terrible feeling
That I'm always missing something 

I light a candle and hold it to the open window
The sky a heavy pink with a mix of blue and purple 
Some lightening fills the clouds
Illuminating the atmosphere with colour 

Seeing the same old lady 
Feeding the ducks at the cemetery 
Romanticizing about the love she shared 
And is still sharing...

The night has to come up for air...
The moon rises and declines 
The forces of nature 
Unlock the door between heaven and hell 
(The Devil and Christ)

Place your palms out to me 
This is a new page 
Another chapter... 

(Something I'm not worthy of....) 
To capture forever, preserved in time) 

The fire garden sparks a giant flame 
Throughout the eyes... 

His palms are bleeding 
For the love of God

Let me heal from it all someday.

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