eternal love

eternal love

Monday, June 9, 2014


I keep forgetting you're there...
Like the rivers direction crashes silently against those rocks
I can't remember the end of movies
 I saw when I was just a child...
But I watch them anyway, 
In love with the golden age of cinema 
The prayers about not dying and keep my family safe... 

Speaks volumes... 

It helps a lot to have thee ability to cry
When that melancholy feeling starts
Castles made of sand demolished
By the ocean I've never seen 
Either you're my witness or I''m going crazy  
Nightmarish dream...
Whispers in the bathroom 

I keep forgetting you're still there....
Awake long enough for the birds to sing
So if there's a black rose in the garden of fire
I will reach in and burn my hands
Just to hold it against the gray and give some colour...

4 choices there would be...
The sky,
(The love of a heart thriving for unity) 
The forest,
(The creative bound one has between his soul and poetry
He choose mystery...

...And the flower turns purple in his hands;  

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