eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Loving Dream

Some night in December 
I left the window open to hear the winter in it's threshold
And see the sky of the voice I'm hearing
Reaching so far away-
To pull at the heart strings 
And Calm the uncertainties, 
That when I close my eyes
The thought of being trapped any longer 
Escapes into the night's fire....

The air we breathe is sacred ritual
But I feel to lost to light another candle 
Would you? 
In my Name...? 

Would you be here when I wake up?
Would this all dissolves like a tear
I can't even breakdown....
Won't you heal me from this path I am leading? 
Would you come here if I even asked? 

(I'm too shy 
The candles are unstable 
And the pills do not escape me from reality, anymore) 
It's all in God's Hands... an angel you are,
Like a flower you open up; 
To think so much of me...
When I am broken beyond repair 
Your voice rings in my ear...  

And I just dream a loving dream. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Once Brightened Sun

I don't know what's right for me
Standing in the shade of a once brightened sun 
The pain is ever present, all the time..
Spirit is in knots as my stomach grinds 
(Deep inside)
Nightmares are promising 
The Ghost of August's remembrance
One Year ago...  
Whistles in the wind repeating heartbeats
Of unknown- feelings and lost wishes 
Stubborn regret and loneliness's

(Far Apart)  

It paints a scar on you 
Holding one hand on the tree 
Searching the Grave
To keep myself up
Falling in the half light of a once brightened sun

Who's side are you on? 
That you can't calm yourself down
It's only a matter of time
And that don't make much of a difference anymore
I don't mean to bleed anymore
I don't mean to cry anymore
And fear... fear is the worse nuisances of them all 

In this crumbled world 
I try to find the pieces 
The words to make sense of it...
To write a proper Living Will and be denied by it....
There must have been an angel 
Not far from where I wept...
Tonight's the last night 
I bring fear with me to bed... 

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Stop the clock
Time has no meaning
Live by the day
And the heart is pressing on
Pill by pill
Awake, no alarm 
And sleep the same. 

I believe in yesterday
Tomorrow never comes 
To meet at two arrivals 
At separate points of the bridge
Of this Kingdom...  
The first a tunnel move inwards
The last, a tunnel moving out. 

Sunday is the day you grow flowers 
And tomorrow is the day
You decorate my grave 
Tomorrow never comes...

In the air of fresh rain
The music of so many thoughts
Conveys the memories of so many inspired. 
Haunts the soul with nostalgic intrigue  
I speak to God in a prayer 
And none of what i said 
Is strong enough than my connection to this album 
God is within me... 

Bury these words
Deep in the ground
Stop the clock
Time has no meaning
Live by the day
And the heart keeps pressing on...

Pressing on...

Tomorrow never comes.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Continuous wind 
On the forefront of a hurricane 
Some light still escapes the clouds,
Why haven't you seen the flashes 
In the purple sky? 
So unusual, in the blink of an eye
Set all panic to a sense of longing from this despair,  
The rain to a downpour, 
The gates are closed and locked for the remainder of my life 
But someone is there... 

My vision is doubled by the sound of the harp 
Nothing missing yet 
But the love that sustains us both;
Old paintings with frames worth much more 
Than the art inside
Phantoms have locked me back in this cellar
But I still haven't forgotten what it feels like to live.

To live and to love.  

Continuous wind 
On the forefront of a hurricane 
Some light still escapes the clouds,
Why haven't you seen the flashes 
In the purple sky?

I will always be there. 

To live and to love. 

((Dilaudided  the pain inside.)) 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Living Will

I leave all prayers with you 
My angel of death 
It is cold here on this path 
But you don't see a soul for miles on end 

On the beach the sky is aquamarine 
And as i reach out toward the city
I realize nothing is there...
A sailboat, lonely 
As the the light house not operating 

As I reach for your hand 
Cold rain drops graze our fingertips 
Nothing else separating
Me from you
Life to death, 
True God from true God  
I met by the idea we are not the same. 

My living Will rests on top of a tiny wooden box 
I wish to be buried along side me in my coffin. 
A timepiece from the writing's palm
Filled with passion and the energy to inspire.  
My tree as  full of colours 
Before Winter strips it all away 
I prayer... leave them all to the angel of death 
So sweet. 
 This will be peaceful, you won't feel a thing.


Out the crypt door; the church bells ring
A heavy storm on the horizon 
And a fast moving train 
Going the opposite direction... 

No one has tied my hands...
No one has forced me to suffer more than I have
Panic, and a sense that all it's threshold 
Is too numb to bare. 

I leave my prayers with you. 

Friday, July 11, 2014


This book is missing the final chapter 
You came to me and you asked me why 
Why does everything good, pure and natural
Turn to dust
In the matter of a lifetime?
All the beauty in your world, white washed 
The hourglass is the count down
And I just follow the broken glass until-
The sand reaches the end of the universe; 
Only stardust memories of your mountain remain
(Way up high)
Elizabeth; on a cloudy day 
Walks up bloodhill
Welcoming the morning sun 
With just a spark from the lantern.

And all the stars up above... 
Now visible to the dead only. 

In the next frame she lights up a cigarette
Casually removes the garland from her hair... 
It's every morning, she feels this way 
She knows the rain will fall before sundown 
Giving more promise to her well being, spirit and soul  
Not thinking about expiry dates...   
In the next frame she hold up a Polaroid camera
Taking snap shots of the grace we cannot see enough of   
She loses sight in the velvet night
Drops a tin can by the stairs. 

The picture frame's are all unbalanced 
To walk on my own two feet again...
Seems that silence is the only thing that separates
Inspirations from insanity....
The train past through just as her eyes 
Came down to closed.... 

   You came to me and you asked me why.