eternal love

eternal love

Friday, July 11, 2014


This book is missing the final chapter 
You came to me and you asked me why 
Why does everything good, pure and natural
Turn to dust
In the matter of a lifetime?
All the beauty in your world, white washed 
The hourglass is the count down
And I just follow the broken glass until-
The sand reaches the end of the universe; 
Only stardust memories of your mountain remain
(Way up high)
Elizabeth; on a cloudy day 
Walks up bloodhill
Welcoming the morning sun 
With just a spark from the lantern.

And all the stars up above... 
Now visible to the dead only. 

In the next frame she lights up a cigarette
Casually removes the garland from her hair... 
It's every morning, she feels this way 
She knows the rain will fall before sundown 
Giving more promise to her well being, spirit and soul  
Not thinking about expiry dates...   
In the next frame she hold up a Polaroid camera
Taking snap shots of the grace we cannot see enough of   
She loses sight in the velvet night
Drops a tin can by the stairs. 

The picture frame's are all unbalanced 
To walk on my own two feet again...
Seems that silence is the only thing that separates
Inspirations from insanity....
The train past through just as her eyes 
Came down to closed.... 

   You came to me and you asked me why.

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