eternal love

eternal love

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Living Will

I leave all prayers with you 
My angel of death 
It is cold here on this path 
But you don't see a soul for miles on end 

On the beach the sky is aquamarine 
And as i reach out toward the city
I realize nothing is there...
A sailboat, lonely 
As the the light house not operating 

As I reach for your hand 
Cold rain drops graze our fingertips 
Nothing else separating
Me from you
Life to death, 
True God from true God  
I met by the idea we are not the same. 

My living Will rests on top of a tiny wooden box 
I wish to be buried along side me in my coffin. 
A timepiece from the writing's palm
Filled with passion and the energy to inspire.  
My tree as  full of colours 
Before Winter strips it all away 
I prayer... leave them all to the angel of death 
So sweet. 
 This will be peaceful, you won't feel a thing.


Out the crypt door; the church bells ring
A heavy storm on the horizon 
And a fast moving train 
Going the opposite direction... 

No one has tied my hands...
No one has forced me to suffer more than I have
Panic, and a sense that all it's threshold 
Is too numb to bare. 

I leave my prayers with you. 

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