eternal love

eternal love

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Once Brightened Sun

I don't know what's right for me
Standing in the shade of a once brightened sun 
The pain is ever present, all the time..
Spirit is in knots as my stomach grinds 
(Deep inside)
Nightmares are promising 
The Ghost of August's remembrance
One Year ago...  
Whistles in the wind repeating heartbeats
Of unknown- feelings and lost wishes 
Stubborn regret and loneliness's

(Far Apart)  

It paints a scar on you 
Holding one hand on the tree 
Searching the Grave
To keep myself up
Falling in the half light of a once brightened sun

Who's side are you on? 
That you can't calm yourself down
It's only a matter of time
And that don't make much of a difference anymore
I don't mean to bleed anymore
I don't mean to cry anymore
And fear... fear is the worse nuisances of them all 

In this crumbled world 
I try to find the pieces 
The words to make sense of it...
To write a proper Living Will and be denied by it....
There must have been an angel 
Not far from where I wept...
Tonight's the last night 
I bring fear with me to bed... 

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