eternal love

eternal love

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Loving Dream

Some night in December 
I left the window open to hear the winter in it's threshold
And see the sky of the voice I'm hearing
Reaching so far away-
To pull at the heart strings 
And Calm the uncertainties, 
That when I close my eyes
The thought of being trapped any longer 
Escapes into the night's fire....

The air we breathe is sacred ritual
But I feel to lost to light another candle 
Would you? 
In my Name...? 

Would you be here when I wake up?
Would this all dissolves like a tear
I can't even breakdown....
Won't you heal me from this path I am leading? 
Would you come here if I even asked? 

(I'm too shy 
The candles are unstable 
And the pills do not escape me from reality, anymore) 
It's all in God's Hands... an angel you are,
Like a flower you open up; 
To think so much of me...
When I am broken beyond repair 
Your voice rings in my ear...  

And I just dream a loving dream. 

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